We build startups from scratch
and we bring them
to exponential growth

We build startups from scratch and we bring them to exponential growth

Our startups

Quidol, the live entertainement application ! Play here We're hiring ! quidol
Simplify data consumers understanding Visit ermes.ai We're hiring ! ermes
Gamble on news for free, 1000€ to win every weeks. Bet here We're hiring ! betty
Collaborative services plateform between talents and enterprises Visit beeboss.com beeboss

Our partnerships

We collaborate with partners
to build new start-ups.
Here's a few examples :

But also partners such as :

Our beliefs

The ideas and projects we focus on should be massive,
exponential and do good
Great ideas become successes only through a ferocious
focus on execution
Our mission is to build great Start Ups that will not
need us to become even greater Companies
Start Ups should be embedded in the global economy
and not live in a « Tech Bubble »
90% of failure is not acceptable ,
even (mainly) for Start Ups

RedPill lives and breathes to kickstart its Start Ups
and support them until they succeed

Ideation, Business, Pivot Teams
Growth Hacking Teams
Tech, Data & Design Teams
Offices and G&A
Talent Recruitment Teams

Meeting us

Why ?

Because we are super cool and we also have a wonderful facade

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+33 1 40 68 76 50

123 Avenue de Villiers, 75017 Paris

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